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NEW christmas mezmur by zemari tadewos awugchew from his new album በጎለ እንስሳ (2) በጎለ እንስሳ ተወልደ አማኑኤል (2) የአብ Read more →

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እንኳን ለ ብርሃነ መስቀሉ በ ሰላም አደረሳቹ share በማድረግ ለ ወዳጅ ዘመዶቻቹ ለጋደኞቻቹ ጋብዙ . ዘመናቹ ይባረክ.

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new ethiopian orthodox tewahedo mezmur 2013.

this is a New mezmur by Zemarit zerfe kebede l from the New group CD “Andit Selam.

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